Saturday, July 1, 2017


FEMALE PRIVILEGE: Study: More Men Hired in Gender-Blind Job Application Process.

The trial, which was an effort to push more women in senior position jobs, revealed that removing the gender from a candidate’s application does not help boost gender equality in hiring. The trial also revealed that adding a male name to a candidate’s application made them 3.2 percent less likely to get the job while adding a female name made it 2.9 percent more likely that the candidate would be hired.
Researchers assumed that removing gender identifiers from an application would make it easier for women to obtain employment in senior positions that have traditionally been dominated by men.
“We anticipated this would have a positive impact on diversity — making it more likely that female candidates and those from ethnic minorities are selected for the shortlist,” said Professor Michael Hiscox, a Harvard academic. “We found the opposite, that de-identifying candidates reduced the likelihood of women being selected for the shortlist.”

So they identified pervasive discrimination in favor of women. But what was the lesson drawn? Not that the (female-dominated) HR departments need to remedy that. Instead:
Hiscox warned governments and companies to consider the real possibility that gender-blind hiring processes may actually lessen equality in the workplace. “We should hit pause and be very cautious about introducing this as a way of improving diversity, as it can have the opposite effect,” Professor Hiscox claimed.
Well, one thing this illustrates is that “diversity” isn’t the same thing as “equality.”

It's quite simple - God made men and women different, women make lousy men - and vice versa.  But men aren't engaged in a campaign to be equated with women.

The patriarchy will always exists; despite women's best efforts.

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