Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Received a rare comment; "I suppose you should go over there and put those uppity wimmen in their place."

We have seen and heard from  people like Corrie Tenboom who was imprisoned, saw friends and family murdered, quite possible was seriously abused while a prisoner, who after her release never claimed to be a victim.

Then we have the ladies of Wartburg encouraging middle class women to go public as a victim of men - particularly evangelical men.

My belief; encouraging others to become a victim is actually DESTRUCTIVE to their life and their future.  Bitterness is like a cancer - you can grow it if you will;  it will be poisonous to your soul.

So, you have Corrie Tenboom on one side of the room and Dee and Deb on the other.

Being a middle-class victim is a lousy way to live.  That's my take.

Sunday, April 3, 2016


Most recent attack on C.J. Mahaney might lead you to believe that Wartburg's goal is that he would step down from speaking at the TOGETHER FOR THE GOSPEL conference of 2016.

You'd be only partially right if that's what you think.

The REAL GOAL of Wartburgwatch is that the conference would be totally shut-down.

"WHY" you say?

Because these men do not teach the Feminist gospel.  And that is unacceptable to the queens of Wartburgwatch.