Thursday, October 10, 2019


How would our current culture describe the Woman at the Well?

Would they describe her as a victim of the Patriarchy? [ Of that you can be sure - dryly ]

How do you explain all her marriages and her current "shacking up" status?

Might you theorize that she was NOT reared in a solid, stable God fearing home?
[ You might ]

BUT, Scripture does not even appear to HINT at her having "victim status."

Which raises the question:  Does identifying yourself as a victim ultimately help you or may it actually HARM you?

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Following up - from an astute commenter

Seneca, your life's work is done!!

I have always had mixed feelings about TWW. The two undoubtedly were right to uncover church malfeasance, and if the leadership had been doing its job properly this ought not to have been necessary.

But as you have often commented there was a drift to the left, towards egalitarianism, the danger of which is it becomes that backdoor out of the faith, quite apart from being imo disobedient to scripture. The latter is hardly unimportant as TWW liked to criticize conservative evangelicals for their disobedience in not protecting the abused.

Then of course there was the legendary nastiness and bitterness of the commentariat. To what extent can you hold the blog administrators for this if they ostensibly are trying to allow genuine free speech? I can only speak for myself, but I believe the Lord convicted me to stop reading the blog because of the negative effect it can have on you. In fact I started to get like some of the commenters - cynical. 

Many on this type of blog are messed up people who don't want to get sorted out, and reinforce each others' misery and bitterness.  [ So sadly true - Sen ]

I have long since come to the conclusion that the internet can be a useful tool for exposing and discussing deception in Christian circles, but it is no substitute for contact with real people who can call you to account for your own sin and actually support you in dealing with bad church experiences,

You could either retire now, or keep an eye on any successor blogs to TWW.

Ken B

PS Thanks for my few seconds of fame earlier on on this blog. :-)

[ You're more than welcome and appreciated - Sen ]

Wednesday, September 25, 2019


DEE, God bless her little pea-pickin' heart, has decided there must be more to life than writing articles criticizing the never ending sinfulness of those who leads churches and those who attend churches.  [ SURPRISE - sinners attend church; leaders are also sinners - unless you're Wade Burleson - dryly ]
So she's pushing others to take up the burden of criticizing sinners by establishing their own blogs.

SERIOUSLY; Dee is a remarkable woman.  Her [ now ] one woman blog has a huge following; probably thousands of readers a day.  I felt happy if I got 30 readers a day. 
She has highlighted some leaders who have done great evil.

SADLY, she could never seem to tell the difference between John Piper and Tullian Tchividjian.

John Piper is great and Godly man - who's conservative theology you might disagree with but who's personal life has been exemplary. 

Tullian cheated on his wife and wants back in the ministry.

Dee probably wrote 100 posts assailing John Piper and maybe 5 about Tullian.

Dee has trouble knowing who the good guys are because the good guys are not feminists - they are Biblicists.

Anyhow, Dee would like a little more of her life; other posts have suggested she and her husband would like to retire and do other things than just work.  NOBODY has ever worked harder at a blog than Dee.

It is depressing if your spend your life writing posts critical of others as you try to eradicate sin in the church.  It ain't gonna happen.

Secondly, there are SO VERY MANY REAL VICTIMS in the world.  You can't write about them all.  They too will suck the life out of you if you allow it.  Dee has to be emotionally, psychologically and physically exhausted.

She has been the Don Quixote of "discernment" blogs.

But at the end of the day, a blog is just a blog.

Dee, hope you and Jim travel - enjoy meeting others and find peace among the chaos.


Seneca Griggs.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Bored by Wartburg - Update

I admit it; after 10 years, it's pretty much the same old, same old.  Now weeks go by when I don't even glance at the headlines; which appear to be the same with slightly different wordings.

I do think Dee has accomplished changes in the church when it comes to sexual sinners.

1)  Offer heartfelt condolences for the victims first, whether you believe it or not.
2)  Lawyer up - she has encouraged lawsuits against churches. Sadly, if they get a lawyer, you're going to need one too.
3)  Find a sacrificial lamb if necessary and boot them off the team.
4)  Get rid of sexual sinners in your church - they'll only cause you headline heartache. 

[Actually, triage the sinners in your church from worst to least and start ridding the church of the worst of sinners.  dryly]

Personally I still think Christ built his church to change the hearts and minds of the WORST of sinners - particularly those who are sexually broken.  Your mileage may vary.

[  Psst, thanks B*****j for reading my blog ]

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Joshua Harris - from a commenter

There seem to be two streams of thought regarding Harris. One, possibly mainly from women sees him as something of a victim of his upbringing, of fame and fortune through his book written probably before he had the maturity to cope with it. This stream is sympathetic to his plight.

The other stream, predominantly male, sees him as committing apostacy, and especially those of a strong Calvinist persuasion see him as never having been a genuine Christian at all. (He has 'gone out from among us'.) I think this judgement is somewhat premature.

I'm not sure either side is simply right or wrong, but I couldn't but help see Harris' collapse in the face of the LGBT assault on the faith does speak of a real loss of faith. 

My own sympathy for him is somewhat blunted by the fact that many Christians throughout history and today suffer for their faith and don't give it up in the face of such adversity. Giving up the faith is an act of moral wickedness, and this aspect does not deserve sympathy. 

That said, I have appreciated the very few commenters who still hold out hope for a reconciliation and restoration of the marriage and a firm faith in Christ.

I don't like the speculation indulged by some but there may well be more that will come to light in the future.

Ken B 


Well written Sir.  If history is any judge, a downward trajectory may ensue.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Kris, I deeply apologize; I misjudged you

"Kris" is the blog queen of SGMsurvivors.  I have believed that she has, inadvertently, been enabling the continuing victim status of people who feel they were victimized by Sovereign Grace Ministries.

Well the impending divorce of  Josh and Shannon Harris triggered a truly moving, Biblical post by Kris.

You should read it all but I'll give you the last few paragraphs:

God hates divorce.
And God’s opinion is the only one that matters.
I don’t really want to make this post–the first in such a long time–about me, but for those of you who have asked, I need to share my heart. There’s a reason I haven’t posted here much.
You see, a few years ago, maybe five or six years ago, I found myself growing frustrated with what I was seeing, both on this site and on other “watchblogger” sites. It seemed to me like more and more of the people who figured out the truth about their Sovereign Grace churches didn’t just reject the Sovereign Grace craziness. Instead, they felt the need to reject Bible-based Christianity in a much broader, more profound way.
And this filled me with fear.
Someday very soon, we all are going to stand in front of the God of the universe, the perfectly holy, perfectly righteous God as He is portrayed in scripture. If we have not accepted what He did for us through the atoning work of Christ on the cross, if we have not repented of our sins (as sin is defined in the Bible) and accepted this great gift of salvation, then that day in front of the Lord is going to be extremely frightening, a day of pain and regret and weeping and gnashing of teeth.
It’s not going to matter if we found ourselves, lived our dreams, did what made us happy on earth. It’s not going to matter if we were the wokest woke person who ever woked.
On that day, the ONLY thing that will matter is whether we are right with God. And if you somehow have ended up rejecting the Jesus of scripture when you rejected your Sovereign Grace church, then you are in deep trouble.
Don’t let disillusionment with a particular church system lead you to turn away from Christ. He is all that matters, and His work on your behalf is the only thing that will stand between you and eternity in hell. No matter what our pagan culture may be telling us, God is still God, sin is still sin, and we all need a Savior.
Go back to the Bible. Read the scriptures. Let the Holy Spirit illuminate them. Allow yourself to be convicted and transformed by God’s Word.
Love and blessings,


I FULLY expect this sad headline to provide an excuse to attack and villify the hated conservative Evangelical on various and sundry "discernment" blogs.

I'll update - possibly - if I feel so moved - if someone comments.

The apparent trajectory of the marriage.

Shannon [ and perhaps Josh ] abandons the Evangelical ethos

Josh [ and perhaps Shannon ] abandon the purity culture.

THEN marital dissolution appears.

That appears to be the trajectory