Thursday, September 21, 2017

TWW attempts to smear the Gospel Coalition for football player hazing.

"It was shocking to read about Christian Simpson's football experience at Wheaton. You see, Dr. Philip Rykenhas been serving as president of Wheaton College since 2010, and he is also a Council Member of The Gospel Coalition, which has been publishing a number of articles that denounce segregation in churches, among other related topics. And let's not forget that Wheaton's current president is a Calvinist."

sigh - really?  -  10 secinds

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

WartburgWatch versus ChristianityToday - One attempts a smear, the other gives insight.

Undoubtedly T.W.W. will comment on or reference the article.

Then will come the comments.  As commenter Reed noted, T.W.W. commenters are often smearing reformed believers for their lack of love - which "lack" is even more clearly marked in the commenters themselves.

We'll see.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Wartburgwatch continues their hatred of Al Mohler

Lydia - Now that sounds just like Mohler playing the long game! He hadn’t lost his evil grip at all.

Law Prof - If this is the way it works, then it’s absolutely evil and Al Mohler is given over to evil, not a person to be considered for anything but an example for public censure like Paul often did to those who are persecutors of the church. Satan works behind the scenes to maneuver and get what he wants—Jesus was direct and confronted things in the open.

Either Lydia or Mitch -  mitch:
Great comment. Mohler seems to have something like Stalin had with his Cult of Personality minions surrounding him. 

Headless Unicorn -   [ about Mohler ] “Just like Comrade Kim Jong-Un, Except CHRISTIAN"

Friday, September 15, 2017

TWW attacks Mohler and Lambert; venom and bile on display in the comments

Of course TWW despises Mohler - has for many years and has attacked him many times.  Why?  Because he is extremely influential with those who seek to understand and live according to the plain teachings of Scripture.  He stands clearly behind the historic and orthodox understanding of Scripture.  If you are a feminist you are going to hate Al Mohler

Heath Lambert is a new target because he heads up ACBC, formerly N.A.N.C.   [ Jay Adam's nouthetic counseling.]

The T.W.W. commenters  pretty much hate anything "Biblical."  The venom and bile on display in the comments really is depressing.

Heath Lambert's Mea Culpa was impressive.  You simply can't fake that.

There is not ONE blogger or commenter who actually knows exactly why Eric Johnson was let go.  I assure you Al Mohler didn't call any of them up and share what he knows, they are all interpreting events based upon their hatred

Finally, there is not ONE commenter who actually cares about Eric Johnson, they only care about their hatred for Al Mohler and other conservative Evangelicals.

FYI, in the last few years there has actually been a subtle shift away from "nouthetic" counseling.  Part of that was reflected in the name change.

It appears, they have moved away from assessing all emotional/psychological issues as due to specific sins - which must be confronted ala Jay Adams - who is no longer a resource - to a more compassionate, nuanced view.

I would say they are softer on diagnosing all problems as having a sin basis to taking a more encouraging stance on working thru the issues of living with the people who come for help.

Do they still believe that man's sinfulness is at the route of many of man's emotional and psychological issues?  Indeed.  The brokenness of humanity is clearly tied to the presence of sin.  But how you help others need not be from a confrontational style and ACBC seems to have shifted away from the Jay Adams model.

They absolutely DO NOT tell clients to stop taking their physician prescribed medications.  That's a huge No No for ACBC members.

Bottom line, if you reject Scripture you will hate the counsel of ACBC.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Forfeiting your Manhood - Grumpysloth opines

Still, there are some things that even the manliest of masculine manly men can’t get away with on their most masculinely manly days without having their man card permanently pulled. For example:

1) Geeking out on children’s entertainment

It’s one thing for a man to listen to the awful music of Justin Bieber and think, “Wow, that’s not the worst thing I’ve ever heard.” It’s quite another to actually go to one of his concerts for the fun of it or, worse yet, refer to himself as a “Belieber.” Wanna go to a comic-book convention? Ok, but if you’re a dude who dresses up like Thor and starts speculating about whether you can defeat the Hulk in a fight, you have a “man problem” you need to address. Don’t even get me started on being a damn bronyand walking around in public talking about My Little Pony. Are you a five-year-old girl? If the answer to that question is “no,” then you don’t have any business being a fan of a show aimed at five-year-old girls.

[  Made me laugh ]

Women Drivers UPDATE

Danica Patrick's career record in Nascar.    ZERO top 5 finishes.

UPDATE:  Danica's career is coming to a close though she can, due to her attractive feminity, continue to make a very good living based upon her considerable fan base.

Though I'm not aware that she ever speaks of it BUT she has been in a significant number of pretty harsh crashes, generally though the fault of others.  But because she is not good enough to run at the front of the pack, she is stuck in the middle of the pack where most of the crashes are going to occur.  I'd be willing to bet she, at this young age [36] lives in considerable pain on a daily basis.

I hope she retires and enjoys the next 40 years of her life.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

For the feminists at T.W.W. -

From pushingrubberdownhill
commenter Brittny who published this gem on my old article about happy wife, happy life.
The absolute best advice I got upon being married wasn’t from my mother or grandmother, wonderful and wise as they are (though they did teach me in a roundabout way that speaking ill of one’s spouse leads nowhere good) it was from one of Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s books.
I forget which one. Most have pithy titles. I think this one might have been the Care and Feeding of Husbands.
I was struggling as a first time mother in my early twenties to settle my society-indoctrinated views on what a woman was entitled to versus what made men happy. Sex was a sad bone of contention – not that it was bad or infrequent, just not as frequent or enthusiastic as the husband would have desired.
The advice? Have sex even when you don’t feel like it.
Novel! Serendipitous! But wasn’t it terribly anti-feminist to ‘give the goods’ without some sort of transaction? Be it a dinner, a massage, or blast it all even a compliment? This didn’t make any sense, and I poo-pood the advice for some time. Until I didn’t.
Wonder of wonders. Biology is a marvelous thing, and I found that when I said ‘yes’, or even instigated relations myself…I became interested as a matter of due course. None of the waiting around to feel ‘in the mood.’ Since then this simple bit of advice has nourished an eleven year marriage that has given us three sons and the deepest, most fulfilling friendship and love of my life.
Honestly…I wish it was acceptable to give this tidbit out at bridal showers. Sometimes I still scribble it in the scrapbooks and letters given to new, presumable virginal brides. Honey…don’t make him wait until you are ready, or when the stars are aligned, or when you are perfectly coiffed (though it would be good to get in the habit of always striving to look like dynamite, you never know). I know…dishes need to be done, children will shriek, bills need to be paid. Trust me….
Always say YES.
As it states on my about page, this is a blog primarily for men. Which is why this is a wonderful choice for the inaugural comment of the week.
I wish to single out this line:
But wasn’t it terribly anti-feminist to ‘give the goods’ without some sort of transaction? Be it a dinner, a massage, or blast it all even a compliment? This didn’t make any sense, and I poo-poo'd the advice for some time.
Giving for the sake of giving in of itself, for the simple pleasure that you bring to your spouse, with no expectation of reciprocation, and none required, is the essence of a successful marriage.