Saturday, February 17, 2018

Deebs rejoicing over Larry Cotton's resignation; now hoping to see Steve Bradley removed too - UPDATE

Ah the Deebs - business as usual.

But I have a serious question:

Larry Cotton has resigned.

Is everybody happy now?  Deebs?

ANSWER:  Maybe for a day but not much longer than that.

QUESTION:  Did Larry Cotton's behavior 20 years ago make him permanently unfit for ministry or is there a ministry who will judge him on the basis of his last 20 years and decide they might like him to lead them?  How churches handle sexual abuse has changed a lot in the last 20 years.  What he did then,  I'm guessing he wouldn't do now.

I would hope Mrs. Woodson is now healed - but the complexities of humanity suggests maybe it's not  that simple despite the resignation of two ministers.

So, what's actually changed?  It's a little hard to know but if you've been doing a handstand over Larry Cotton's resignation, you might want to lower your level of exultation.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Does T.W.W. want change or just revenge. - update

Current SGM leadership team.

 Mark PraterMickey ConnollyTommy HillBob KauflinIan McConnellJeff Purswell, and Rich Richardson.

Since I am not, nor have ever been, a part of SGM, the only names recognizable to me are Mickey Connolly and Bob Kauflin - who appears to have been the musical force behind a lot of the SGM worship.

NO LONGER  a part of SGM Leadership

C.J. Mahaney - who stepped down 5 years ago
John Loftness - 
Grant Layman
Gary Ricucci
Brent Detwiler
Gene Emerson 

Even Josh Harris is gone.

SIGNIFICANT CHANGE has obviously occurred.

I think, what they really want is something different.


What you won't read on T.W.W.

From Wikipedia:

1. In the Palmer case, brought by Renee Palmer Gamby, Ennis testified that,
Documentation was found showing the family of one plaintiff was immediately advised to notify authorities. Witnesses (I was one) were prepared to testify under oath to that fact. That child was abused at age 2 by a babysitter whose case was criminally prosecuted in 1993.
2. In the case brought by Robin Roe (pseudonym), Ennis testified that,
Another church plaintiff was never abused, (her sister was abused by her father who was prosecuted in 1987), but that plaintiff claimed the church had incarcerated her, ruining her life. Actually, she was charged and imprisoned by state and federal authorities for crimes of fraud, theft, drug possession, drug trafficking, and weapons concerns. Predictably, the judge questioned her very legitimacy as a plaintiff. The actual victim did not participate in that lawsuit.
(Allegation Number 57 of the lawsuit reads,
As a result of the Church's conduct and misrepresentations, Robin Roe was not cared for by loving and responsible adults, but instead was incarcerated in a juvenile half-way house with criminal juveniles.) [54]
3. Ennis testified that, "A third plaintiff eventually withdrew her allegations, admitting they were false."
4. Regarding the alleged pedophile ring at the church's school Ennis testified that,
Investigators found that the supposed ringleader teacher was not even at the school for the majority of that year. He was in the hospital because his back was so bad he couldn't walk. The actual teacher was the accuser's own mother. The allegations included closets and rooms that did not match those in the school building. To date the police have filed no charges against anyone in that case.
Ennis testified that regarding the three plaintiffs alleging charges of multiple cases of child sex abuse and rape at the church school, "Not one of those plaintiffs has filed criminal charges even though there is no criminal statute of limitations in Maryland. False criminal charges can result in a jail term or hefty fine, however."
Ennis went on to testify that an "extensive and undoubtedly expensive" investigation was conducted by the Montgomery County Police Departme but no charges were ever filed. A subsequent examination of the case, conducted by an independent investigator, found that the allegations of child sex abuse detailed in the lawsuit "likely never happened at all" (except for the two which had been promptly reported and prosecuted several decades earlier).
"Mayo testified,
In 2013, in a lawsuit against our church, a woman accused my husband and three others of molesting her twenty-five years earlier. She didn’t remember the alleged “abuses” before her thirties, and then believed she was recovering lost memories. She also imagined that 18 people witnessed the abuse, and she listed them by name. However, none of those named supported her stories of abuse. Montgomery County police investigated and filed no charges. After eighteen months, an independent investigator concluded her accusations likely never happened. But that didn’t spare us from a witch hunt. In the initial months, the accused were labeled child sex offenders and the story of the abuse, truth be damned, was aggressively promoted in news, radio and social media.
1) We received online threats that flyers would go out to our neighbors, “informing” them of the “pedophile” at our address. 2) Anonymous calls were made to business clients, threatening them for doing business with us. 3) Online forums ripped us to shreds. 4) Minor children, suffocated by public reaction, suffered horribly. 5) An un-accused spouse was laid off and later denied another job. 6) People withdrew from us, or fell silent. 7) Questions harassed us: Could we lose everything financing a defense?
Mayo also testified that her "husband had contemporaneous records from the 1980’s that refuted the allegations."
Mayo said, at the close of her Senate Committee testimony, "I was burned by sexual abuse in the early 70’s; we’re being burned by the false accusation of it now.

Finale:  Many have alleged they just wanted change.  THEY GOT IT.  All the old leadership no longer leads.

Perhaps what they really want is simply REVENGE.

To re-iterate Terry Mayo - "An internet lynch mob can go on forever."

Thursday, February 15, 2018

After the tragic Florida high school shooting - reality check on gun control - UPDATE

BASIC MATH.   If a criminal has 10 guns and you outlaw 8 of them, how many guns does a criminal have.
He's a criminal.

The very, very cold reality.  There is actually NO WAY to end gun violence at this point in our history.  There's thought to be 300 million plus guns in our country and several billion rounds of ammo.

1] You say; "Let's confiscate all guns."

You won't, the criminal element will keep theirs.

2] How about tighter laws? 
Chicago has some of the tightest laws in the nation.  Their murder rate is atrocious.

3] Don't let people on psych meds purchase guns? 
I guarantee you know at least 3 people who are on anti-depressants or anti-anxiety meds.  Being on psych meds doesn't actually mean you are crazy or about to kill people.

4]  Train the kids not to shoot people?
     Hey, let's just outlaw sin.  Surely that will work.

Cold, harsh reality.  There will continue to be multiple murders in public environments.


“If you can show me a law that will prevent the next mass killing, go ahead and sign me up for it,” he said."  TREY GOWDY

The Reality about Egalitarian marriages

"In a democracy of two, one member must have the deciding vote." -CS Lewis.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Are you sure you want to identify yourself on the internet forever as a victim?

This absolutely isn't fair but it's real.  If I were around Katherine I would treat her very, very carefully, differently evenly.

Perhaps some of you are aware of ex-football player Michael Sam.  He was a star at the Univ. of Missouri but sometime   after his senior year he identified himself as a active homosexual, before the draft.   Apparently there was a picture of him where he is kissing his boyfriend on the mouth and him announcing his homosexual bent.

The NFL was in an immediate dilemma.  They have, in recent years, become "woke" or socially conscious and are petrified lest the social justice warriors start attacking them.  So now they sound just like any liberal organization with a me too mentality.

So you take the NFL where there is definitely a  locker room mentality among the players and decide that Michael Sam must be drafted lest the social justice warriors attack accusing the NFL of not drafting him because he is gay.  No one can say for sure, but undoubtedly the word went out that some NFL team MUST DRAFT Michael Sams.  Voila it was done.  The Rams drafted him, and cut him as soon as possible, the Cowboys picked him up but he didn't last.  The he went to the Canadian football league but quit due to "mental health" reasons.

STICK with me here.  Have no doubt that when the RAMs and COWBOYS had him on their roster, the word went out;  you will NOT harass Michael Sams about his sexuality.  That would  make the NFL look bad and the NFL tries really, really hard to not look bad.

BUT, in the NFL, ALL ROOKIES are harassed - without exception.  NFL teams are the quintessential locker rooms where male harassment is simply a part of life, the older players pick on the rookies.  There are no women in the locker-room to mitigate the behavior.  It can be pretty brutal but football is a brutal sport.

So here you have Michael Sams who is NOW BEING TREATED DIFFERENTLY and everybody knows it including Michael.  That was never going to work.  When he declared himself openly on the internet, the die was cast.  It would never work.  And of course, it hasn't.

[NOW are there football players who engage in homosexual activity?  Yes there are some.  How do they survive?  They keep it hidden, they keep it to themselves.  But once you announce yourself to be a homosexual, your active career is going to be in the toilet.]

Of note; a pro basketball player, Jason Collins, announced he was gay towards the end of his career and retired soon after.

But the reality is; professional athletes don't want publicly confessed homosexuals as teammates; no matter what the Supreme Court might say.  If you announce you are gay, you will be treated differently - and I don't think you're going to like it.

Back to Katherine and others who are now publicly identifying themselves as victims for eternity on the Internet?
I really, really don't think it is wise.

Like Michael Sams, you will forever be treated differently.  I'm pretty sure, somewhere down the years, you will want your private life back but unless the internet ceases to exist as we know it, you can never have your private life back.

My personal mantra; treat all women carefully but treat some women very, very carefully.

Note to T.W.W., women are sinners too.

"In the 1980s it was “we believe the children.” In the 2010s it’s not a statement, but an order: “Believe the victim.”
More than 130 professors and legal experts are warning that increasingly popular techniques and theories in Title IX investigations are setting up America for a rerun of the “satanic daycare child abuse” panic of 30 years ago.""


Frequent commenter "Jack" who often says;
"Women & men are equal in every single way."

Really Jack?  Have you watched the N.B.A. and then the W.N.B.A.

Your eyes see, but I'm worried about your discernment.

Monday, February 12, 2018

If Wartburgwatch has poisoned you against Al Mohler, don't read this. If you like truth? take a gander

Statistic by Pew Group.

For every 1 person who joins a Mainline Church,  1.7 leave.

For every person who leaves a conservative denomination. 1.2 join.