Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Did not survive.

ADDENDUM - Wartburg Watch joined the hunt for SGMsurvivors extensively reviewing its history  and the many sins of C.J. Mahaney[ from TWW's perspective].

24 hours later there are only 21 comments;  i.e. nobody really cares anymore.

I believe, ladies, that ship has sailed despite your best efforts.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

WARTBURGWATCH hates the conservative Evangelical Church

A constant theme throughout Wartburgwatch posts are the problems with the conservative Evangelical Church and the theologically conservative men who serve them.

Deb, Dee and the commenters always have a better way of doing church.  They are very unhappy with the state of the Evangelical Church and a large percentage of them appear to be "Nones" or "Dones,"  people who no longer attend church and blame their attendance, not on themselves, but on other people who said or did things of which they did not approve.

So each post suggest problems and many posts highlight the kind of church you should never attend;
primarily conservative Evangelical Churches led by theologically conservative men.  RED FLAG, RED FLAG, RED FLAG!

BUT here's the great thing about these United States.

ANYBODY CAN START THEIR OWN CHURCH.  Let me repeat that in all caps.


So Dee, you are quite free to start your own church.  Deb, you too can start your own church or maybe make it official that you already have your own church - Wartburgwatch.

Nancy2, have at it girl.  You don't have to put up with all those things that go on at the church,  Start your own Sis.  NOBODY is stopping you.  Ask Velour if she'd like to be your co-pastor.

Dale, thanks for the wonderful articles on all that is wrong with the 9Marks doctrinal, theological, ecclesiastical stance on what makes a strong church.  I think H.U.G. could be available if you ask.  Definitely get Todd on board, he of "Thou art the man" fame  [ and you thought there was only one Nathan the prophet ].   If Todd doesn't join you Brent - ex-SGM leader is still looking for a ministry I believe.  Give him a shout out too.  Between the 4 of you, you'd have a seriously butt-kicking church.

Have at it Bro.   You can have your very own church, nobody will stop you.  There are a number of commenters you could ask to support you or become a part of the pastoral staff.

Are you concerned about the money in the ministry?  DO IT FOR FREE brother's and sisters.  That way nobody can accuse you of doing it for the money.

You think Evangelical leadership is corrupt?  Hey, you can now be the non-corrupt leadership that never steps on toes, never offends people and gives a microphone to any Jane, Mary or Hilda who wishes to address the perfidy of the male of the species.

Don't have bylaws, don't have membership guidelines.  Heaven forbid that you would actually make allowance for church discipline.

Have women preach/prophecy 4 Sundays out of 5.  There is nothing stopping you.  This is a free country.  I think Gram3 would be pleased to lend her voice to say nothing of Lydia.

Actually, if you're gonna have a bylaw, outlaw people who believe in a Young Earth Scenario.  Tell them they're welcome but they must never mention their personal beliefs.

1/2 of your church could be dedicated to the Singles ministry.  I'm thinking it would be 90 percent women but what the heck.  Each single/divorcee, on joining your church, should be given their own microphone to use as they see fit.

Daisy could start her own "singles only" church if she so chose.

[ You know how many churches take 5 or 10 minutes to gather the little children and talk about Jesus.  What you can do instead is to invite 1 attender a week to come forward and tell of their victimization by the Patriarchy.  Give them 5 minutes to talk about emotional, sexual, spiritual, physical, mental, psychological abuse they have undergone.  They want a platform; give it to them but make sure they don't cut into your preaching too much - unless you want to go short and sweet. ]

You can pick and choose your own theology and doctrines.  Make the church a pure democracy where 50 percent of the people present can set the rules on any given Sunday.  Forget formal leadership or roles in the church.  That only leads to conflicts.  Don't have any elders; except yourself.

I would highly discourage you from participating in or speaking at any conferences.  There is apparently huge money there and you want to avoid filthy lucre at all costs.

There will be no reason to call for a tithe,  I think somehow the buildings, bulletins, websites, chairs and sound systems will pay for themselves.

You might consider insisting that any attender who has ever engaged in a sexual sin wear an identifying letter on their chest/breast during the services.  On the other hand you might want to let the "sexually broken" roam free unless they are narcissistically male  and sexually broken at the same time.
You know how those narcissists are don't you.  Don't you?

Most Evangelical churches focus on Scripture as the basis for their teaching, preaching and Sunday Schools.  But there is no rule that says you have to.
COSMOPOLITAN or the HUFFINGTON POST are also viable sources of teaching/preachings.
There is no law that says a church must reference Scripture.  No Law whatsoever.

Eagle's church will be free to invite atheists to give the message.  There's no law stopping you Eagle.

So, Dee, Deb, commenters, Nones and Dones.

I highly encourage you to start your own church today.

As the famous T.V. ad put it,   "Have it your way."

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Wartburgwatch now suspicious of P.J. Smythe - is he an abuser like his father?

The psycho-analysis of PJ Smythe by the commenters of  T.W.W. has begun.  Ignoring Ezekiel 18, they're not afraid to impugn the son for the sins of the father.

[ C.J. Mahaney is mentioned - of course.  He resigned as pastor 13 years ago, is no longer a part of the denomination he helped found and CLC also left  S.G. 5 years ago. ]

And then there's the title:

Covenant Life Church Sure Knows How to Pick’em – Guest Post by Todd Wilhelm

CLC members, you've been slimed.

TWW,  a discernment blog that is not opposed to sliming believers.

ADDENDUM - posted on another "discernment" blog by an active commenter on TWW

"I have wondered about CLC ….. did they know about JS when they hired PJS? Did they hire PJS because they “knew” he would help hide certain things?
And, as for “Satan attacking” them. …… I got news for them: Satan freely roams the aisles and hallways of CLC. I believe he is welcome there!"  Nancy2

[ Dear Nancy 2 - do look in the mirror first to see where else satan might be roaming  Your comment betrays your heart ]

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

WARTBURGWATCH ATTACKS C.J. MAHANEY, for the umpteenth time

A now, a post about the most despised Evangelical on Wartburg's list of Evangelicals they don't like;  C.J. Mahaney.

Disclaimer:  I don't know the man, I've never heard the man in person or on the radio or via streaming.  He is, by all accounts, faithfully married for many years and has a couple of daughters who appear to be supportive of him.  He and other gentlemen, founded a church movement that became a denomination.

A commenter on a blog that focuses on their anger/hatred towards C.J. said this.

just saying... says:
"I’m pretty sure the stance of those named in the lawsuit and most members of CLC is that apart from Nate Morales, who was run out of town, all cases of child sexual abuse were prosecuted by police years ago, albeit with gross mishandling of the victims. It seems most people regard the majority of the Second Amended Lawsuit, particularly in regards to the ritualized abuse at Celebration as fiction. If that story is discredited, then all of that victim’s stories involving the school or church staff members are discredited.
So, while outsiders like Eagle and other bloggers rage about the [ alleged ] “largest child sex abuse scandal in evangelical history”, I think that while CLC members are grieved to hear the friends they cared dearly about were mistreated when they were victimized, they sadly think it is actually pretty typical of how most churches treated victims of sexual abuse during that time period......
So, if CJ is going to the RBD’s   [ Reformed Big Dawgs ] and claiming most of the stories were fabricated, and saying the remaining stories involved situations where they tried to hush-up the matter, I can see all the RBD’s being very sympathetic. They have all probably had tragic things happen in their churches over the years that they hushed-up."
I believe there is truth to that.  All churches all schools, all businesses including police departments and children's social services have had sexual perverts in their midst.  It's not a new thing and it will never change.  "The heart of man is desperately wicked, who can know it?"  says the prophet Jeremiah.  There will always be wicked men AND wicked women in every church.  There will always be sexual sins acted out within  or on the periphery of congregations;  SGM was not and is not unique in that respect.
Wartburg Watch and a couple of other blogs have been ABSOLUTE INCENSED that the Reformed Big Dawgs have refused to publically condemn C.J. for the sexual sins that have happened in the various congregations that make up SGM.   [ He himself has not been accused of sexual sins. ]
BUT, the Reformed Big Dawgs have have many snide posts written about them and have been the but of hundreds of ad hominen attacks.
If the bloggers who have launched personal attacks against you then ask you to turn around and publically denounce  a friend, what are you going to do?  Are you going to join with those who have written snarky columns against you and your family/associates or are you going to resist attacking your friends, who like you, understand you and treat you well.
The answer is quite obvious; you're loyal to your friends until they prove you shouldn't be loyal to them.  You mistrust bloggers who have accused you of things that are not true; who have claimed to know your heart and your motives but actually know neither.

Saturday, January 28, 2017


DEAR Barnabus, sadly many of the commenters and possibly the bloggers themselves secretly
 [ or not so secretly ] exult in your divorce.

TWW likes to position themselves as a compassionate voice for victims who have no voice.  If there are victims in your divorce; it is the children.   However, if the children must be sacrificed for the good of the feminist narrative [ the need for version 2.0 of Holy Scriptures which acknowledges feminism ] then so be it. 

Barnabus, it’s ALL YOUR FAULT.  Here you are a male [ probably a Cis-gendered white man]: if your wife choses to divorce you, it is undoubtedly because of your abuse.  TWW’s abuse expert has already condemned you.  Again, the feminist narrative is intact;  husbands must be the greater sinner if a divorce takes place.  It is not possible that a women would leave a decent man.

TWW is now hoping to exploit your ex-wife.  They want to take the details of your divorce public.  Frankly, you didn’t say much other than it was a tough marriage but you didn’t want to be divorced.

They’re hoping they can pound you [ and your father ] with your ex’s story of why you were such a shoddy husband.  They hope your failure as a husband will be blamed on your Evangelicalism – which they abhor, and your father, who they doubly abhor.


"I will only reiterate what I have been saying for years: John Piper is a freak, and I don’t understand how he got to his position atop the NeoCal world. He is a vapid creep, as far as I’m concerned."
[ Dee?  Deb?  - Why do you continue to let these comments stand? ]

FINAL WORDS of caution.

For you B.P., you will never, ever comment in public on your ex-wife.  No more blog posts – there’s no upside.

Your ex will not read this but she should do herself a favor, and NOT comment on a blog as to why she ended the divorce.  She may think there can be an upside, but the downside will be much worse.

Barn - ; don’t even THINK of dating.  There are a lot of troubled women who think you could be the answer to their pains and heartbreak.  You will hear from them.  You’re a nice looking guy and someone has divorced you – but you write very well and are a famous man’s son.  On the surface, you have a lot going for you – but don’t believe it. You are SOOooo unready to even contemplate a possibly romantic relationship with another woman.  Be a great daddy to your kids.

I'm no prophet but:
Your ex ABSOLUTELY WILL remarry: then and only then,  you can have conversations with your parents as to whether or not you are Scripturally free to re-marry.

THE enemies of the faith, as given by the saints, are coming for you son.  Hunker down lad; you’ll survive if you don’t get involved with the romantic life.  But trust me, they hope to do damage to your Mom and Dad thru you.  That is their goal.  They have always hated the prophets; of whom your Dad is one.

UPDATE:   Barbara Roberts [ who has a history of finding domestic abuse in every marital issue ] backed off her "tweets" which suggested Barnabus is probably an abuser and then the blog queens removed the tweets but still are suspicious of Barnabus because of his Dad, John Piper - whom they have frequently reviled.

TWW is STILL a blog pushing the feminist agenda, with mostly unhappy female commenters who are perennially offended - by conservative Evangelicals. 

Friday, January 20, 2017

Deb at the Inaguration