Friday, January 1, 2021

Internet Monk closing its doors. Updated

After twenty years or so, the current editors of I-monk have decided to call it quits. Internet Monk has attracted people who have either left Biblical Orthodoxy or the faith itself. It's focus has been to blame evangelicalism for their decisions. As I have pointed out in recent comments "Evangelicalism" has become such a large tent that it is now very hard to define the limitations. I-monkers have continued to assume it's very much like 70's fundamentalism. But of course it is not. In recent years my perception; I-monk is an informal wing of the Democratic Party with a thin patina of progressive religiosity. With only a couple of exceptions they hold to the liberal/progressive viewpoint of life; Feminist, denying God's command that only within a male/female relationship is sex permitted and suffer mightily from T.D.S [ Trump Derangement Syndrome. ] They're a religious version of "Huffpo." It is ultimately a depressing sight/site. They have largely become "nones" or "dones." Their "Jesus shaped" spirituality is Jesus without the bite. So many of the post and comments are actually angry, dark and depressive. They have chosen the theological wilderness but don't appear to recognize how very depressing that wilderness is. I have accused them of "Sporting Life" theology. In the play/movie PORGY AND BESS, one of the characters is "Sporting Life" who sings, "It ain't necessarily so; it ain't necessarily so. The things that you liable to read in the Bible, well it ain't necessaril so." That is truly the theology of I-monk. There is no rock no anchor to hold on to. You are ultimately theologically adrift.

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Censored by Internetmonk

[ deemed inappropriate for Saturday free-for-all ] ELLEN PAGE She has now lived her life as a female for 33 years. She was born with the double XX female chromosone package. She was raised as a female. By Nature and by Nuture she can never be a biological male. She announced she was a gay woman in 2014, now she announces she's transgender "Page attended a Buddhist school in his youth and practiced meditation and yoga.[81] He practices a vegan lifestyle, and PETA named him and Jared Leto the Sexiest Vegetarians of 2014.[82] He is an atheist, having remarked that religion "has always been used for beautiful things, and also as a way to justify discrimination".[83] He describes himself as a pro-choice feminist.[84]" Wiki ___________ E. Page is the ultimate progressive checking off all the cultural boxes For the I-monkers with a progressive viewpoint, she may present a problem. On the one hand most I-monkers understand how biology limits a person; I cannot be LeBron James and neither can you. I would hope the majority of you would, given the opportunity, discourage her from gender re-assignment surgery. On the other hand, as a progressive, you must appear to support people like Ellen Page if she announces she is transgender. My final thought/question. If Ellen goes thru the whole hormone, surgical procedure etc., will this fill the void for her? When she is 50, will she now feel whole and fulfilled? I think Ellen is "lost in the Cosmos" desperate seeking to find out where she fits so she can be at peace. If she were my daughter, I would mourn over her struggle.

Friday, November 6, 2020

Cheating in the Presidential elections?

Saturday, October 31, 2020

If the Democrats take it all.

ASSUMING DEMOCRATS REGAIN PRESIDENCY, HOUSE OF REPS AND SENATE: THEY WILL RAISE TAXES - and it will impact the middle class [ always does, always has ]. For complex reasons I cannot explain, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates et al will lose not one thin dime of their wealth though the tax change will be sold as making sure the wealthy pay their "fair share." Somehow the wealthy's "fair share" inevitiably comes out of middle class pockets while Bezos and Gates get ever richer. BTW, Bezos and Gates are not at all cheating, it's just the economic laws in place. ### They will attempt to outlaw the manufacture of guns/ammo - just make gun manufactures liable for deaths by gun and they will go bankrupt. [ This will not actually solve the problem of 500 millions guns and a trillion bullets that are out there already ] There will be laws passed insisting that people turn their guns in. 50 million people will turn their guns in leaving 450 million guns unaccounted for. ### They will allow anyone currently residing the in the USA to become citizens pretty much instantly. They certainly will cease building the fence.### The unelected bureacracy will be strengthed. ### Labor parties will be strengthened; the "right to work" will be weakened. ### FREEDOM of religion will exist ONLY for liberal religion; religion that supports sexual freedoms and the LGBT etc. and their ever changing positions. ### There will be ZERO restrictions on the killing of the Preborn. You wish to abort your child because they are female instead of male- VOILA, no restrictions. The freedom to take the life of your newborn - there will be restrictions on the books but no one will be found guilty of infanticide. ### Ultimately ALL female athletic records will be held by people who were born with "junk" but are women "at heart". Sexual "equality" laws will be passed guaranteeing great inequality. ### Heterosexual Caucasians are "sh*t out of luck." ### The basic Judeo/Christian ethos of the founding documents must ultimately be purged. The inherent Moral restrictions of the Judeo/Christian ethos must be jettisoned. ### France's specifically secular government is to be established as the goal. ### The New Green Deal will becomes the law of the land, the USA will bend to the world based upon the assumptions of "Climate Change." The new Green Deal guarantees poverty for all but the top 5%. ### Coal, gas and oil production will plummet with the promise that windmills and solar panels are all we need to keep our ACs, heaters and appliances running. [ How's that working out in California? ] They will make it VERY expensive to own gasoline powered vehicles. [ The USA has certainly not come to grips with the problem of doing away safely with old batteries and the expense of making new ones. So far that requires humongous amounts of coal/gas/gasoline]. The government will enforce the purchase of battery powered Yugos for every driveway [ except Bezos, Gates Et.Al. driveways] ### Will all this happen immediately? No Is that the progressive goal however? YES ### The good news out of all of this? Trump and his tweets will be gone.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Creepy Uncle Joe

"How can we maintain any kind of moral consistency about biblical values, or even traditional family values, when so many of us vote for a man who has cheated on all three of his wives, and who said that sleeping around while avoiding STD’s was his “personal Vietnam”? And without that moral consistency, how can we have any ability to argue in the areas of personal morality, or help create the kind of worldview in our society that takes the morality of abortion seriously? How can we pretend our concern for the unborn is part of a holistic concern for the dignity of all human life, when we vote for a man who mocks the disabled, and called reportedly soldiers who died for their country “suckers” and “losers”? How can we say we care about the value of women, all women, and object to their objectification when we vote for a man who boasts about sexually assaulting women, and refers to 15 year old girls as “a piece of ass”? And who, by the way, does not repent of these things. ". ### Trump is a seriously flawed human being. But if you're a Trump hater, what do you do about "Creepy Uncle Joe," an equally seriously flawed human being. Logically speaking, you can't vote against Trump due to his moral flaws yet vote for Creepy Uncle Joe despite his significant moral flaws. Comments should be interesting.

Monday, October 19, 2020

I monk pretends misogyny towards Amy Comey Barrett was never uttered by a commenter

I called them on it and they simply erased the original comment and my response plus any others. It's bad optics for a so-called Christian community to be caught calling an outstanding jurist, professor of law at a world class institution, mother of 7 and devout Catholic a "bimbo." Since they will not repudiate the bimbo comment, perhaps they secretly agree and are simply embarrassed to be caught out in their own misogyny towards conservative women. Chaplain Mike, Geo Mike, Daniel Jepsen, Mike Bell - any of you willing to publically call out miscogyny? Nah, you're not going to do that and your female commenters - who knows what they think. ### But let's go ahead and talk about what terrible human beings Evangelical Trump supporters are. sarc

Sunday, October 18, 2020

I-monk hate: "...that new Supreme Court Bimbo"

I-monk regular and favorite - Headless Unicorn Guy, calls the new Supreme Court justice nominee, [Amy Comey Barrett], a bimbo. So far nobody has objected. ### Anonymous had written "The day the fundamentalist-evangelicals walked towards Trump, they were walking AWAY from their Christ AND THEIR WITNESS." Apparently for progressive Christians, calling the female Supreme Court Nominee a "bimbo" IS walking towards your Christian witness.