Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Anon comment on John MacArthur and Master's Seminary

The police kit and the report are referenced in the initial article. The kit confirmed sexual contact happened. So the FACTS of sexual encounter have been established and the police noted it as RAPE. The he said she said scenario stopped the prosecution. 

However, it seems the man confessed to those in authority at the school. Further given the NOW PUBLICLY documented anomalies at the Masters Seminary and college in reference to degree granting, ignorance of unqualified professors on law, procedures, behaviors, bullying etc... Add that to the nepotism and financial gain to the tune of nearly 7 million dollars for MacArthur's son-in-law... again ALL THIS IS NOW DOCUMENTED in the probation report upon the school. I'd like to know the relationship of the alleged rapist to members of faculty and the church. Based on the nature of control and fear the probation DOCUMENTS, I'm suspicious that this was not another institutional cover up. This lady may have been victimized several times. First by the rapist, then by the friends of the rapist hiding or keeping silent of the strange behavior, and then by the staff at the Masters Seminary. While this could be a false allegation of rape, it is certainly more credible than the nay sayers here would like to pretend. Worship the god of human perfectionism etc... But, an honest reading of this allegation and just the now  public facts concerning the shenanigans and sinful actions documented at TMS, should keep one from drinking the Kool Aid here. There would be simple means of clearing this up. Allow an independent investigation of this story. I'd want my church or Seminary cleared of any wrong doing. I would welcome an investigation of the situation. It happened to Paige Patterson. The cover up lasted for over a decade. Once investigated, he was fired from Southwestern Seminary and stripped of all benefits. Unfortunately, the case here fits the EXACT same pattern. [  Actually it doesn't at all - SG ]

Dear Anon

Some random thoughts:

Never confuse allegations with facts.  NEVER - When something is "documented" - it may be much less than you think.  An allegation can be "documented."  That doesn't mean it is actually true.

Memory is a variable thing.  Especially regarding incidents that happened a decade ago to say nothing of yesterday.   There are so very many studies that make it plain; you cannot trust people's memories.  [ The research is fascinating actually. ]

I wasn't there; you speak as if you were not there either.  It's pretty plain something happened but what, I certainly do not know.

I absolutely do not know the heart of any of the individuals at Master's Seminary be they the President, Chancellor, Administrators, Professors or students.

BUT based upon Scripture

"Jeremiah 17:9-10 - The heart [is] deceitful above all [things], and desperately wicked: who can know it? 

we can know there are no sinless individuals at Master's Seminary.

I'm certainly not sinless, I'm thinking you are not either.
Neither is the young lady or the young man involved in the sexual activities.

Paige Patterson;  As I understand it, He was fired for lying to the trustees.  There were other issues as well - neither you nor I were at the meetings between Paige and the trustees however so we're making suppositions predicated upon second hand materials.


Anon, I appreciate your proffering a comment.  I do have a question.  What's your "skin" in this brouhaha?

You have a narrative; let's hear it plainly if you will.  S.G.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Dr. Steve comment: "a BattaBOOM" ? - *W.T.F. So much bile from TWW commenters over the years

So Dee writes this quite moving post regarding the suicide of Braxton Caner  [ Ergun Caner's son ] and the apology of J.D. Hall.  who had a brief interaction with Braxton on Twitter a couple of weeks before Braxton's death.

Dee's post is thoughtful and lacks snark, sarcasm etc.  She said she was going to close the comments but forgot  before two were written.

So, to recap, you have this post that begs people to let go of the Caner/Hall controversy, the whole issue of a young man's suicide and then the very very first comment is from "Dr. Steve" who writes:  "ABattaBOOM"

Well I don't know who "Dr. Steve" is but *W.T. F. is that comment?


And that has always been one of the bigger problems with WartburgWatch.  Dee has allowed people to write absolutely outrageous comments seemingly without any pushback [ except against me dryly -]

There are some really bitter/angry people who read and respond on T.W.W.  I truly believe that is part of the "bitter-fruit" of Dee's "discernment blog."

* = fudge

Saturday, March 9, 2019


I've come to hate that phrase.  It's way overused by those involved in virtue signaling - victim blogs, discernment blogs, etc.

Any time you see that phrase - take a big breath; you're about to see someone get slimed.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Phil Johnson nails it.

Do survivor blogs and "discernment" blogs actually help anybody or do they encourage further bitterness and resentment?

I think it's the latter.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Insightful comment

I can’t bring myself to look at TWW either. In years past I saw the most mocking remarks towards Calvinists I have ever seen in my life at that site. I am a Calvinist. I love Spurgeon, Lloyd-Jones, Iain Murray, and so many others. If WW is criticizing Mohler for mocking fellow Christians I hope they can remove logs from their own eyes first. The cracks about young earth creationists there, or people who believe in biblical male leadership in churches, well, that site was like a sewer pipe of mockery. Been a while since I was there so maybe the tone has improved, I don’t know. But they hold the prize for mockery IMO.