Sunday, February 8, 2015

POURING GASOLINE on the Tony Jones and ex Julie McMahon fire.

A)  I don't know anything about Tony Jones other than what I've read on the blogs.  He apparently follows the Emerging Church view of Scripture ( think progressive) and is a speaker, seminary instructor and possibly a pastor.  He has remarried.
B)  I don't know anything about Tony Jones' ex,  Julie McMahon, other than what I've read on the blogs.  I have read some of her comments, none of Tony's.   She shares her "unbiased" view of the situation from the ex-wife's point of view.  [ Think irony ]

WARTBURG WATCH decided they could be helpful by publishing Julie McMahon's view of her divorce and ongoing legal battles.  The commenters, not knowing the story other than Julie's view, have been emphatic that Tony Jones is the bad guy ( for all I know he is ) and Julie McMahon is as pure as the fresh driven snow; or at least the a minor sinner at the worst.  ( For all I know she is). Of course she could actually be the problem.  A lot of people who actually have some first hand knowledge of her apparently think so.

Commenters have grounded their accusations against Tony Jones based upon PARTIAL knowledge of a SECULAR psych assessment  by a female which says, in its God like wisdom, that Tony Jones suffers from Narcissistic  Personality Disorder.  For all  I know, he does.   [ I think, according to modern secular psychology, you could make the case that both King David and King Solomon suffered from Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  Moses would surely be a candidate for that psychological diagnosis.   However, I'm not thinking Tony Jones is to be classified with David, Solomon or Moses - ]

Not surprisingly things seem to have gotten worse.  It appears the conflagration burns hotter and higher since the women of Wartburg Watch took it upon themselves to fix a situation in which they had no first hand knowledge of either of the principals until Julie McMahan  shared her view of the issue.  They have involved other people in the problem including Rachael Evans and Brian McClaren and their emerging church view of Christianity.

Now they've been calling people on the phone to intervene and try to dampen the very fire they poured gasoline on in their attempt to assign the role of VICTIM to Julie McMahan and the role of ABUSER to Tony Jones.

WARTBURG WATCH has a long history of making verdicts long before all evidence is heard.

[ One of the true ironies;  TWW  really despises the theology of John Piper.  But, if Tony and Julie had agreed with John Pipers view on the roles of husbands and wives and that divorce is not to be engaged in,  this current problem would not exist.  But don't hold your breath for them to reference JOHN PIPER in a positive way.]  

P.S.   Ladies of Wartburg, If you're really intent on tamping down the Jones/McMahan conflagration; don't continue to allow comments on it.  It appears each commenter brings their own gallon of aviation fuel to pour on the fire.

P.S.S.  Though the Ladies of Wartburg have now posted another couple critical posts against different Evangelicals they dislike/abhor the comments on their post of Julie and Tony have continued unabated with criticism  now of other people who may have not been totally supportive of Julie.  That is, to the feminists commenting in Wartburg, simply unacceptable.  So they attack anyone who even hints there may be 2 sides to the story.

HOWEVER, apparently Julie finally saw a lawyer who, WISELY, told her to QUIT COMMENTING.    I'm no lawyer at this time but I could have told her that.
NEVER confuse blog "justice" with our current legal system.  Your judge doesn't give a CRAP about what a blog says, unless the defendants and plaintiffs start posting.  Then all bets are off. 

UPDATE: Tony and Julie went to court to determine custody of the 14 year old son who appears to have decided he'd like to live with his Dad. That request was, apparently, granted.
 The female commenters at TWW were simply enraged.  However, if you give it a moment's thought or have any knowledge of the courts and custody issues you'll realize it's very common in custody disputes to take a young teenage male and give him to the father to raise from that point on if the boy desires it.