Thursday, July 6, 2017


Is Child Sex Abuse More Prevalent Among Protestants Than Among Catholics?


"Very distressing, uncomfortable to read of Kim’s sexual assaults. Sickening.
I’d never heard of this Baptist missionary group. Have always held medical missionaries with such high regards, which I’ve come to realize over time, is part of the sexual abuse problem.
Abusers look for prey.

No organization is exempt from them hiding out in it.

What is soooo hard to accept is them hiding out in the church, Christian organizations, right under our noses.
It is important to remember that it’s not Christianity which causes sexual abuse of children, but rather predators using a closed system of authority, to get away with such atrocities."


As I've noted before TWW is much more than just trying to help churches with sexual abuse in their midst.  Nope, it's the conservative Evangelicals they are after.


Loren Haas wrote:
So what part of “who should cause a child to stumble” is so hard to understand?
There are some leaders in the Calvinists crowd who need to carefully reflect on this passage.

[ And there you go Dee - your true colors will show . You hate the conservative Evangelicals more than you hate abuse in the church]

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