Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Today's TWW post referenced the case of Bishop Peter Ball who was a sexual abuser and who was protected, for many years, by others in the Anglican Church.

It is a straightforward post that is NOT USED to lash out at conservative Evangelicals.

Maybe the Deebs are getting the point.  If you actually want people to believe you're concerned about sexual abuse from pastors/bishops and church leaders then do NOT use each post as an excuse to attack Evangelicals.

However, there is plenty of time for commenters to make outrageous and vile comments about men they don't know, have never met,  but who are found guilty by their advocacy of the inerrancy of Scripture.

Be sure and check back.

Already someone is blaming the church because of "rockstar" pastors.

NOTE; you don't think John the Baptist wasn't a rock star?  Peter and John  weren't  rockstars?  Paul, Apollos, Timothy weren't rockstars of their day?

Of course they were; at the same time they were great and Godly men.

It happens you know.

Being an Evangelical "rockstar" is not a sin in and of itself.  However, if you are jealous of Evangelical rockstars, you are in sin.  Keep that in mine.

King David was surely THE BIGGEST ROCKSTAR of the Old Testament era and he WAS GUILTY of using his status to seduce a married woman and have her husband killed.  God made sure he paid a heavy price for his sin - it was continuous through-out the rest of his lifetime.

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