Monday, July 10, 2017

TWW upset that friends are getting sued. - UPDATE

Alternative headline:

Social Justice Warriors at T.W.W. upset that a Social Justice Warrior of the Windy City news is suing another Social Justice Warrior Organization,  S.N.A.P.

The Deebs have made it very clear that lawsuits are a good thing when you believe your cause is right.  Should you sue your church?  Of course.  Why not.

However, keep in mind, while it's "good times" when you're the plaintiff, not so much when you're the defendant.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.


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UPDATE:   commenter Nick nails the hypocrisy

Sometimes, on a thread that arouses strong views, a regular Wartburg takes a slightly contrary stance. Occasionally this stirs up a hornets’ spanner in the works and sleeping dogs hit the fan. I can only prefix this by asking you to trust that I’m not trying to be contentious, nor to attack anybody or impugn anybody’s motives, nor do I think anybody has written anything hateful, stupid, ignorant or offensive.
I don’t know that SNAP is not in it for the money. Specifically, I don’t know whether Gretchen Hammond’s lawsuit has any basis.
My guess is that it’s a misunderstanding, combined with a clash of personalities and perhaps some hidden hurts, that snowballed and ran out of control. We’ve seen something like that here in Wartburg; you all know what I mean, so I won’t elaborate. But my guess is just that; it’s only a guess. I think it’s plausible.
I’m really into evidence. When someone makes an allegation, you might believe them and call them a victim, or disbelieve them and call them a liar. But those aren’t the only two options; you can also take the issue seriously, and investigate it on its own merits independent of whether you think most allegations like it are true or false.

But, brothers and sisters (no sarcasm implied: it is an honour to use those words) I want to note just this. In this case, one person is bringing a charge against an organisation. If the organisation were a neo-Calvinist “church”, we would not be treating the one person the way we are here.


  1. Nick from Scotland referred to the recent dust-up with me over at The Wartburg Watch when I wouldn't join the lynch-mob about a problem, troubled pastor with a serious drinking problem and problems with the law.

    I kept to the middle-ground: the soaring problems of addiction in the nation and in the Christian church, including among women (and older women too). This is a public health crisis and an epidemic.

    For my refusal to join the derision, I was criticized by immature Wartburg commenters from London, England, to a blogger in the Pacific Northwest. None of them were capable of having a cogent discussion about this addiction epidemic. None of them offered resources or an iota of compassion to hurting families, save two commenters Leslie and Friend. Leslie and her husband started a Christian group for parents of addicted children that was quite helpful. Friend said that her church's clergy and church community continued to love a woman alcoholic in their midst who didn't drive, but couldn't break her addiction to alcohol. She was a beloved church member and did much good in her community and church.

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