Friday, June 30, 2017

TWW; setting up the attack

Today's post is about the cognitive dissonance of a father involved in the protection of his daughter's virginity engaging in pedo-philia.  This child molester attends a Purity Ball.  Obviously, there is indeed some cognitive dissonance here.

But  for T.W.W., the cognitive dissonance is just a jumping off point to attack conservative Evangelicals:

Smeared in this post includes Pastor Steven Furtick, the Gospel Coalition and "clueless Christians at Elevation Church."

No Christian blog smears/shames any better than T.W.W.

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  1. I think you and I probably disagree on many theological issues. And perhaps the culture at large.

    While I commented on many TWW articles, I was recently banned from commenting at all when I raised the issue of addictions in the church -- which is the REAL issue. A recent article was written about a pastor who was arrested for drunk driving and for child endangerment. He has a long history of abuses of church members (which should be firing offenses).

    We have skyrocketing rates of alcohol and drug addiction in the American church -- in the clergy and in the pews -- and I wasn't permitted to talk about this. There was NO hope offered for people struggling with addictions, no hope offered for spouses, and no hope offered for children. No resources were given.

    That one pastor mathematically represents a much larger problem, that goes untalked about in our churches.

    I am not saying he shouldn't face consequences. But help should be offered to him and his family. Who knows if help will take. (Alcohol addiction can be like cancer: It can be hard to beat and the compulsion can come back for many people.)

    But for the grace of God there go I. And many other people too.

    I received hateful social media contacts from some people over there, who have NO training about addiction, and are just spinning out of control with their venom. I had to "unfriend" them on Facebook and cut other social media ties.