Tuesday, June 20, 2017

TWW hates James MacDonald

A few representative comments:

Wow. These guys are such scam artists.

Poor James didn’t get his bottom kissed.
If only people would one-day figure out the only reason these self-worshipping brats became Christians is to get their bottom’s thoroughly kissed and quick easy free money.
Basically, these men are demanding that we pay them to become their trapped, submissive, bottom-kissing, money-giving, slave-robots.

4. Must fawn all over the leaders of The Gospel Coalition.

Wouldn’t The Antichrist breeze through their real criteria?
(Especially the “Slick Deceiver” archetype of Antichrist…)

The SBC Calvinist are courting these independent Calvinist groups because then they can have more Calvinist messengers every year at the SBC who vote for officers who appoint trustees and on and on. It's part of the "reformation" of the SBC. The NAMB plant Calvinist churches for the same reason. Every church gets I think a minimum of two messengers. And now you can see the Calvinists banding together to give "scholarships" to those who need help getting to the SBC.

These men just turn my stomach! How are people so deceived by these charlatans?
All I see in them is: $$$$$$

Grow by networking is the theme of the day in SBC. In an effort to reverse the downward trend in SBC numbers, they have partnered with various New Calvinist ministries – including Mahaney, Driscoll, and MacDonald. The SBC continues to dig a deeper hole – one they may never get out of.
Seems like the only requirement for a church to be part of the SBC is the subjugation of women.


FYI - a bit of irony.  I was officially banned from T.W.W. for my lack of compassion.

The "lack of compassion" only applies to those who don't buy the whole feminist narrative at TWW.
Otherwise, you can be as angry and attacking as you choose - as long as you're attacking the conservative Evangelicals.  Then, "Katy bar the door."

That's how T.W.W. rolls.

Do I think there are problem with MacDonald and Harvest?   YES

Do I think there are problems with T.W.W.  ABSOLUTELY  -
What we have is the pot [ TWW ] calling the kettle [ MacDonald ] black.

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