Monday, June 5, 2017

TWW attacks Evangelical Andy Davis - Wormwood grins

Dee has a question:

Sovereign timing and total depravity
I am sometimes amazed when I realize that God has placed me in circumstances that eventually result in a blog post. Today is no exception. I want to make one thing perfectly clear to the Calvinistas who will read this post with gritted teeth. If you claim to believe in a sovereign God, then you will need to ask why I, who writes a blog, was given this unique perspective by those who were one the "receiving end" of Davis' judgments. Also, since some of you subscribe to the total depravity of man, you will need to deal with the fact that even a much-admired pastor can be capable of misrepresenting a situation.
Dear Dee, in the sovereignty of God both good Kings and bad Kings serve His purposes.  Both good blogs and bad blogs serve His purposes.  You, blog author, serve God's purposes regardless of your intent.
As R.C. Sproul has pointed out, even EVIL serves God's purposes.
" One thing we know for sure is that evil does exist. It exists, if nowhere else, in us and in our behavior. We know that the force of evil is extraordinary and brings great pain and suffering into the world. We also know that God is sovereign over it and in His sovereignty will not allow evil to have the last word. Evil always and ever serves the ultimate best interest of God Himself. It is God in His goodness and in His sovereignty t  has ordained the final conquest over evil and its riddance from His universe. In this redemption we find our rest and our joy — and until that time, we live in a fallen world."

MANY Non Calvinist also hold to the sovereignty of God.
Roger Olson writes,

“Classical Arminianism goes far beyond belief in general providence to include affirmation of God’s intimate and direct involvement in every event of nature and history. The only thing the Arminian view of God’s sovereignty necessarily excludes is God’s authorship of sin and evil. Faithful followers of Arminius have always believed that God governs the entire universe and all of history. Nothing at all can happen without God’s permission, and many things are specifically and directly controlled and caused by God. Even sin and evil do not escape God’s providential governance in classical Arminian theology. God permits and limits them without willing or causing them.”3

P.S., if you wish to see the Donner Pass of Christianity, do look closely at The Episcopal Church.  It's not Evangelical churches that are dying out,  it is the mainstream churches.  The more liberal their theology, the faster their death spiral.

FYI, only if you're interested
Written by a female Marine

Attack on traditional marriage views


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