Tuesday, January 31, 2017

WARTBURGWATCH ATTACKS C.J. MAHANEY, for the umpteenth time

A now, a post about the most despised Evangelical on Wartburg's list of Evangelicals they don't like;  C.J. Mahaney.

Disclaimer:  I don't know the man, I've never heard the man in person or on the radio or via streaming.  He is, by all accounts, faithfully married for many years and has a couple of daughters who appear to be supportive of him.  He and other gentlemen, founded a church movement that became a denomination.

A commenter on a blog that focuses on their anger/hatred towards C.J. said this.

just saying... says:
"I’m pretty sure the stance of those named in the lawsuit and most members of CLC is that apart from Nate Morales, who was run out of town, all cases of child sexual abuse were prosecuted by police years ago, albeit with gross mishandling of the victims. It seems most people regard the majority of the Second Amended Lawsuit, particularly in regards to the ritualized abuse at Celebration as fiction. If that story is discredited, then all of that victim’s stories involving the school or church staff members are discredited.
So, while outsiders like Eagle and other bloggers rage about the [ alleged ] “largest child sex abuse scandal in evangelical history”, I think that while CLC members are grieved to hear the friends they cared dearly about were mistreated when they were victimized, they sadly think it is actually pretty typical of how most churches treated victims of sexual abuse during that time period......
So, if CJ is going to the RBD’s   [ Reformed Big Dawgs ] and claiming most of the stories were fabricated, and saying the remaining stories involved situations where they tried to hush-up the matter, I can see all the RBD’s being very sympathetic. They have all probably had tragic things happen in their churches over the years that they hushed-up."
I believe there is truth to that.  All churches all schools, all businesses including police departments and children's social services have had sexual perverts in their midst.  It's not a new thing and it will never change.  "The heart of man is desperately wicked, who can know it?"  says the prophet Jeremiah.  There will always be wicked men AND wicked women in every church.  There will always be sexual sins acted out within  or on the periphery of congregations;  SGM was not and is not unique in that respect.
Wartburg Watch and a couple of other blogs have been ABSOLUTE INCENSED that the Reformed Big Dawgs have refused to publically condemn C.J. for the sexual sins that have happened in the various congregations that make up SGM.   [ He himself has not been accused of sexual sins. ]
BUT, the Reformed Big Dawgs have have many snide posts written about them and have been the but of hundreds of ad hominen attacks.
If the bloggers who have launched personal attacks against you then ask you to turn around and publically denounce  a friend, what are you going to do?  Are you going to join with those who have written snarky columns against you and your family/associates or are you going to resist attacking your friends, who like you, understand you and treat you well.
The answer is quite obvious; you're loyal to your friends until they prove you shouldn't be loyal to them.  You mistrust bloggers who have accused you of things that are not true; who have claimed to know your heart and your motives but actually know neither.

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