Thursday, February 9, 2017

Wartburgwatch now suspicious of P.J. Smythe - is he an abuser like his father?

The psycho-analysis of PJ Smythe by the commenters of  T.W.W. has begun.  Ignoring Ezekiel 18, they're not afraid to impugn the son for the sins of the father.

[ C.J. Mahaney is mentioned - of course.  He resigned as pastor 13 years ago, is no longer a part of the denomination he helped found and CLC also left  S.G. 5 years ago. ]

And then there's the title:

Covenant Life Church Sure Knows How to Pick’em – Guest Post by Todd Wilhelm

CLC members, you've been slimed.

TWW,  a discernment blog that is not opposed to sliming believers.

ADDENDUM - posted on another "discernment" blog by an active commenter on TWW

"I have wondered about CLC ….. did they know about JS when they hired PJS? Did they hire PJS because they “knew” he would help hide certain things?
And, as for “Satan attacking” them. …… I got news for them: Satan freely roams the aisles and hallways of CLC. I believe he is welcome there!"  Nancy2

[ Dear Nancy 2 - do look in the mirror first to see where else satan might be roaming  Your comment betrays your heart ]

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