Saturday, January 28, 2017


DEAR Barnabus, sadly many of the commenters and possibly the bloggers themselves secretly
 [ or not so secretly ] exult in your divorce.

TWW likes to position themselves as a compassionate voice for victims who have no voice.  If there are victims in your divorce; it is the children.   However, if the children must be sacrificed for the good of the feminist narrative [ the need for version 2.0 of Holy Scriptures which acknowledges feminism ] then so be it. 

Barnabus, it’s ALL YOUR FAULT.  Here you are a male [ probably a Cis-gendered white man]: if your wife choses to divorce you, it is undoubtedly because of your abuse.  TWW’s abuse expert has already condemned you.  Again, the feminist narrative is intact;  husbands must be the greater sinner if a divorce takes place.  It is not possible that a women would leave a decent man.

TWW is now hoping to exploit your ex-wife.  They want to take the details of your divorce public.  Frankly, you didn’t say much other than it was a tough marriage but you didn’t want to be divorced.

They’re hoping they can pound you [ and your father ] with your ex’s story of why you were such a shoddy husband.  They hope your failure as a husband will be blamed on your Evangelicalism – which they abhor, and your father, who they doubly abhor.


"I will only reiterate what I have been saying for years: John Piper is a freak, and I don’t understand how he got to his position atop the NeoCal world. He is a vapid creep, as far as I’m concerned."
[ Dee?  Deb?  - Why do you continue to let these comments stand? ]

FINAL WORDS of caution.

For you B.P., you will never, ever comment in public on your ex-wife.  No more blog posts – there’s no upside.

Your ex will not read this but she should do herself a favor, and NOT comment on a blog as to why she ended the divorce.  She may think there can be an upside, but the downside will be much worse.

Barn - ; don’t even THINK of dating.  There are a lot of troubled women who think you could be the answer to their pains and heartbreak.  You will hear from them.  You’re a nice looking guy and someone has divorced you – but you write very well and are a famous man’s son.  On the surface, you have a lot going for you – but don’t believe it. You are SOOooo unready to even contemplate a possibly romantic relationship with another woman.  Be a great daddy to your kids.

I'm no prophet but:
Your ex ABSOLUTELY WILL remarry: then and only then,  you can have conversations with your parents as to whether or not you are Scripturally free to re-marry.

THE enemies of the faith, as given by the saints, are coming for you son.  Hunker down lad; you’ll survive if you don’t get involved with the romantic life.  But trust me, they hope to do damage to your Mom and Dad thru you.  That is their goal.  They have always hated the prophets; of whom your Dad is one.

UPDATE:   Barbara Roberts [ who has a history of finding domestic abuse in every marital issue ] backed off her "tweets" which suggested Barnabus is probably an abuser and then the blog queens removed the tweets but still are suspicious of Barnabus because of his Dad, John Piper - whom they have frequently reviled.

TWW is STILL a blog pushing the feminist agenda, with mostly unhappy female commenters who are perennially offended - by conservative Evangelicals. 

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