Wednesday, January 4, 2017

WARTBURGWATCH attacks retiring blogger Frank Turk

FRANK TURK, one of the earlier Christian bloggers along with Phil Johnson and Dan Phillips
[ Pyro-maniacs ] has announced his retirement from social media - apologizes for perhaps influencing the existence of discernment blogs.

WartburgWatch graciously accepts his mea culpa - NOT

Comments include:

Turk is every bit the “Captain Drama” he onced[sic] accused Michael Spencer of being. I doubt anything other than a diminished fan base and actual embarrassment has caused Turk’s withdrawal (as temporarily as it will perhaps be).

turk struck me as being shallow and a bit immature, like a middle-schooler trying to bully people he was so obviously attempting to manipulate ... no wit at all.

this just sounds like a drama queen move.
I do not recognize this as genuine repentance. It reminds me of a child, who when faced with how they mistreated one of their siblings, retorts: “Yeah, I know I hurt my sister, but she made me do it!”
The man is obviously fried. You could sense it in his writing of late. He needs a break to rest and reflect.
He needs to see a physician to give him a referral. He should be under much greater medical care, and perhaps medication.
I bet he made up phony names and posted comments from these make-believe ‘adoring fans’ to shore up his nonsense. You see a lot of that on blogs these days.
So, here’s what I have to say to Frank Turk and the other voices of “reason and respectability in the church”, shut up!! You are in no way representative of Christ. You are Pharisees who not only watch as abusers cause little ones to stumble, but you stick your feet out to trip them further. I am disgusted with a of you who dare to stand up for an abuser and protect are disgusting.
Anger is a drug and angry self-righteous guys like Turk, JD Hall, Phil Johnson, and others, can’t go without their drug. I predict a 2017 come-back.
I believe Frank Turk has skillfully and in typical religious pride mode, overemphasized his influence within the church. I have never heard of him nor has he influenced my faith in Jesus Christ in any way, shape or form. I did read his departing article, a first for his blog, and found it to be deeply disturbing.
I personally do not regard Phil Johnson as a truly Christ-like humble man. I used to be a faithful follower of John MacArthur and cannot stomach the pride of him or his underling preachers for their ‘celebrity status’ troubles me greatly. Celebrity preacher men and women usually guard the sins of those they favor, all the while exposing the sins of those with whom they hate, even within their own churches. They are indeed, human after all.
Going offline cuts him off from his Narcissistic Supply.
How long until he’s back depends on how soon the withdrawals kick in and how severe they get.
Yep, these guys are addicted to cussing out others in Jesus’ name … which, last time I looked, is not a fruit of the Spirit. I guess “Be ye angry but sin not” is not in their version of the Bible. 
Turk has spoken of his concern that poor, persecuted Tom Chantry will not be employable after the abuse accusations. I assume that since Turk is going dark, he will have a lot of time on his hands. So, if Chantry is not convicted, perhaps he and Turk of them could open a funeral parlor together.
Another Pastor’s Pet Pedo situation?
“All these pervs said one to another:
‘Perv unto perv o’er the world is Brother!'”
Wow. As sex crimes attorney/author/children’s advocate Andrew Vachss would say of enablers like Turk, “[He] isn’t just sick, but sickening.”
Guys like Turk are much too arrogant to just up and leave like this. It makes me wonder what may be revealed in the future that he doesn’t want to be publicly around for when another shoe drops.
From some of his articles I’ve read, I think he’s always been a bit unhinged ………. like an old barn door in an F-5 tornado.
I think it is wise for Turk to give up blogging–his lack of grace and generosity demonstrated in the attitude of superiority and passive-aggressive shots at others loudly proclaims that it is time for him to withdraw and re-evaluate.
What a disgusting non-apology from the boy-man. One word: unregenerate.

i think Frank Turk is stuck on a junior high hamster wheel: “well, if i can’t be big man on campus then…then….you smell!”

Exactly. He thinks he’s being Joe Cool when really he’s throwing a toddler tantrum.
And perhaps that is the problem with Mr. Turk – on paper he should be quite embarrassed, but instead is quite chuffed. That is what arrogance breeds, an inflated sense of one’s accomplishments and a complete disregard for the impact of one’s actions.

Dear Wade Burleson,  are you supportive of these comments on Frank Turk?  I'd love to know.

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