Friday, January 6, 2017


If you've paid any attention, the ladies of WartburgWatch [ and their commenters ] have been extremely critical of John Piper,  retired pastor, author and speaker.

As I noted in the introduction,  WartburgWatch, at it's core, wishes the American church to adopt a more modernized view of Scripture that would be approved of by feminists.

Here are two key comments by Dee and Deb

Jack wrote:
I don't care what the Bible says.  Men & women are equal. Period. Full stop. I’m no theologian but I don’t think Jesus was complementarian. And Paul didn’t turn down assistance when women offered to foot the bill.
They lived in a patriarchal culture in which women were subordinate and slaves were common. This does not mean the culture was bibilcal.[sic]. It meant that the world, as it was, was on the cusp of change and the male leaders fought to maintain the status quo on the cultural mores of the day.  Dee
THE PROBLEM: with Dee's statement above.  She is saying that New Testament Scripture needs an UPGRADE.
Without recognizing the problem, Dee has impugned God.  God is no more omniscient that Bill Gates.  God who "spirit breathed" Scripture, apparently, could not see the future and MISSED the changes culture would bring that would require an update.  If we have to update operating systems?  Why not Scripture?
BASICALLY God was UNABLE to give us his Word that would apply for all time to all people.  Instead, he is as fallible as Bill Gates; always needing to upgrade the principles and instructions of how Christians should live how churches and homes should function.
BOTTOM LINE - Either you believe God in his power, sovereignty, omniscience could get it right from day 1, or you think God is really not infallible over time and space.  Those are the options;  His plan is unchanged since the writings of the autographs - spirit breathed - or he needs to pull a Bill Gates and give us version two - that will please our current culture.
When it comes to patriarchy, which has been cleverly disguised as complementarianism, my husband often says – Why are the women putting up with it?
No wonder I love my hubby so much!!!
I’m gonna make a prediction…
In the not too distant future, Christian women in their 30s and 40s are gonna walk out of these patriarchal churches in droves, never to return again. And their families will be so much better off for it.
Male domination is NOT what Jesus modeled.  DEB
[ NOTE: Jesus' 12 disciples were all men - hard to say he was not demonstrating male leadership - dryly]
Even worse for Dee and Deb,  there is this article recently published in the Washington Post
BOTTOM LINE:  Replacing male preacher/elders with women may be satisfying to the culture and to WartburgWatch, but it will ultimately kill your church or denomination.
It is actually the churches who have ordained women as pastors that have seen their members "leave in droves."
Churches who hold to very traditional interpretations of Scripture are least like to die.

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