Monday, April 3, 2017

WARTBURGWATCH ATTACKS MIKE PENCE for being careful around women

Jack wrote:
Reading the comments make me so glad I’ve left religion.
Men & women are equal. In every single way.
Was traveling for business this week. Had dinner with not one, but two, count’em two! Women who were married to other men. And I’m married too. And we were all sitting at the same table. If God does exist, he must have had a lightening bolt ready for all of us.
And get this! One of the pilots on the flight home was a woman. Locked in a cockpit with her male co pilot. What shenanigans must have occurred once the autopilot was turned on.
I think the Billy Graham rule was concocted so Billy Graham can let everyone know how pious he is. I think Pence is the same way. I doubt either of them applied the rule 100% of the time.
Just pious posturing. If I recall, Jesus wasn’t by that baloney either.
Darlene replied:
So, you know the spiritual condition of Billy Graham’s heart and Pence’s heart?
I love TWW, I really do. But this thread is beginning to sound frantic and judgmental.

Aw Darlene; you have recognized the problem.  "frantic and judgmental" is so often the status of T.W.W. and its commenters.


  1. Ta-Nehisi Coates, who wrote back in 2012:

    I’ve been with my spouse for almost 15 years. In those years, I’ve never been with anyone but the mother of my son. But that’s not because I am an especially good and true person. In fact, I am wholly in possession of an unimaginably filthy and mongrel mind. But I am also a dude who believes in guard-rails, as a buddy of mine once put it. I don’t believe in getting “in the moment” and then exercising will-power. I believe in avoiding ‘the moment.’ I believe in being absolutely clear with myself about why I am having a second drink, and why I am not; why I am going to a party, and why I am not. I believe that the battle is lost at Happy Hour, not at the hotel. I am not a ‘good man.’ But I am prepared to be an honorable one.

    [ Well said. You don't have to be a Billy Graham to recognize the dangerous shoals of relationships with the opposite sex. For those of you who criticize people who chose to take care - shame on you.

  2. BREAKING: Former public defender Matt Shirk has agreed to a reprimand and fine from the state ethics commission for his abuse of power when in 2013 he hired, fired and fraternized with women.

    [ Possibly for some men, "fraternizing" with women just might present a problem. ]