Tuesday, April 25, 2017

WARTBURGWATCH attacks Joe Carter for his article - Broken Wolves

TWW is upset with Joe Carter - primarily because he's a part of the Gospel Coalition, not just what he wrote.  As noted many, many times,  T.W.W. is opposed to historic, orthodox Christianity which the Gospel Coalition represents.  T.G.C.  thinks the Bible is inerrant in it's autographs and quite easy to understand if you take it at its word.  T.W.W. believes in feminism which is opposed to the simple reading of so much of the New Testament.

So anyhow Joe points out how Broken people can become wolves that go after the sheep.  He did NOT write this post with T.W.W. or other "discernment blogs" in mind.  But TWW and its commenters saw themselves in the mirror and attacked.

The comments are telling because the most angry, most attacking comments are written by people who write comments on T.W.W.

Dee says she's going to pray for Joe.

I have prayed for Dee that she will recognize that the blog she and Deb author simply invites victims and angry women to become even angrier, ever bitterer and deepens their sense of victimhood.  Nobody gets health by pursuing anger, bitterness or victimhood.  It ain't gonna happen.

Here's what Dee and Deb could do.  Feel free to point out issues in the church but leave the ad hominem attacks against flesh and blood people behind.  Everytime T.W.W. writes a post pointing out a real or potential problem, but then attacks a conservative Evangelical convinces me the "problem" is just the excuse to attack the people who deeply revere and hold to the wisdom of Scripture.

You don't agree with all that John Piper believes?  Fine but stop the personal attacks.  As I mentioned before, Dee and Deb act like the "Mean Girls" attacking those with whom they disagree.  It's one thing to be a Mean Girl when you're in your teens, but when you're playing the role of Mean Girls and you're in your 50s, it is really time to mature.

They continue to follow Saul Alinski's rule 12:    12. Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.

So, read Joe Carter's column.  You'll immediately be able to "discern" the women who comment on T.W.W. on a regular basis.  They will be the bitter/angry ones, the ones who appear to be advocates of the Alinski program.

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