Tuesday, April 11, 2017

WARTBURG WATCH hates Calvinists [ actually straw men, not the real Calvinists ]

SO TWW does a post where Roger Olson notes that 30 years ago a young Calvinist  at Bethel suggested he wasn't really of the faith if he wasn't a Calvinist. [ John Piper has personally repudiated that .]

GIVE ME A BREAK.  A young theologian says something stupid?  For goodness sake Dee-Deb.  We've all said stupid things at one time or another.  I READ stupid posts and comment on your blog weekly.  Sheesh ladies; get a grip.

COMMENTER  [ emily honey ] - in classic Wartburgian psycho-speak starts the psycho-babble.
"The young angry Calvinists, they misrepresent others because they do not truly understand or properly attach to their own beliefs. They may hold to their beliefs as a way to not actually deal with certain parts of the self and true suspicions about God they feel uncomfortable with.
They lack empathy, because they have not truly engaged with their heart and mind all the opposing arguments and perspectives. They have not thought carefully through their own stuff with humility.
Their theology is ultimately a projection of something or defense mechanism against reality and God while pretending they are engaging reality and God and self. So that it ends up being extremely self-deceptive and can be really hard to overcome or fix or point out to someone or see in yourself if you think and convince others that you are doing the opposite. Theology is often the best way to hide from God, I think!"
HORSE HOCKEY people.  What a crock.

But that's WartburgWatch for you.

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