Friday, August 29, 2014

The girls wrote a post about Mark Dever's Church; Capitol Baptist and their membership contracts.

Here are some of the commenter's views expressed.  It isn't pretty

CHBC process abuse
Maheny hid behind Dever’s skirts
Self important men on power trips
Money talks in this crowd a gospel centered bribe
Look at Carolyn Mahaney..look at what she has published.  Nuff said
Jonathan Leeman have your personally done a gospel centered execution
Thank God for freedom of religion or they’d have you on the rack.
Mark Dever, smoothest of the Neo-Cals, like a serpent, in a garden , talking about fruit
Evangelical industrial complex
When will1 Mark Devel and Jonathan Leeman begin to burn dissidents at the stake.
Heavy handed authoritarian preachers
They do judge…and claim they hold the keys to the kingdom of authority and declare who is in and who is out.
They weep crocodile tears as they bite you on the behind.
The wisdom of Hollywood creations are quoted: Voldemort, Comrade O’Brien, and Capt Mal Reynolds.
It’s like dealing with a personality disordered individual
Pompous words from power loving men
CHBC behavior found to be pushy obnoxious and weird
Only thing missing; sacred underwear, temples and blood atonement
9 Marks church = “roach motel.”
Papal infallibility
Ding bat Pastors
Gospel centered blackmail
Obsessed with having power and authority
It’s ALL about control
You were predestined by God as His seshul Pet to rule over others.
Utter disregard for the authority of the text of Scripture.
Blood atonement will have to wait until they take back American and establish a truly Christina Nation.  They all bets are off and you can never fill too many mass graves
Soulless jackals
Unwholesome behaviors
Obsessive leaders
Russell Moore is making an idol in the image of man
The leaders don’t understand how close they are to phallic worship
Lemming thought, spiritual abuse
Dever and Mahaney want to cuddle and be best friends
Spiritual Stalins
( They’re ) All about personal power, gain and ultimately fraud.

We don’t need spiritual stalins, Mao’s or Idi Amins who look at their position for personal gain for themselves and their friends.

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