Tuesday, January 6, 2015

WARTBURGWATCH simply hates John Piper.

Wartburg watch expresses their disdain and loathing for John Piper.

Apparently J.P. expressed his belief that men are best suited to be policemen.

In today's politically correct, feministic society, you can't say anything worse then that.

The Wartburg commenters let fly – per usual

This was my impression as well. He seems to be acting from some felt sense of insecurity–over women, relationships, his own authority, the outside world represented by normal workplaces, something like that.

Piper is legalistic, holds to believer’s baptism, and has a dim view of women. The Reformed are in the camp of Carl Trueman (see post)–no lists of rules to be kept, infant baptism and equality of men and women. Also, Piper is a pontificater. He appears to think he’s the Pope of evangelicalism. 

Someone needs to check Piper’s computer and phone…something is way off when he drift’s to say “It is true that there is something sexually stimulating about a muscular, scantily clad young woman pumping iron in a health club.”

Wonder what Mr.Piper has to say about the two women who just passed Army Ranger training? He must be having a nervous breakdown!

I don’t understand why anybody gives Piper the time of day. He strikes me as clearly a deranged idiot.

Agreed. I know Reformed folks who would never, ever want anything to do with neo-Calvinism, let alone Piper’s bizarre sexual fantasies.

“Piper is a Fundamentalist in Reformed clothing.” Nah. I am thinking the guy is ISIS.

I’m thinking of one for John Piper.

Men and women are equal. In every way. End of story. There is NO justification (biblical or otherwise) in any statements to the contrary. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion and Piper might be a nice guy in general but the statements are just plain whacked. No matter what context you put them in.

I’ve spent some time in Bethlehem Baptist, I’ve watched Piper preach, been to one of his big public events, was involved with a parachurch ministry that met every Friday at Beth Bap. I’ve been there also, and I think Piper’s deluded, pompous, destructive.

Frankly, he reminds me of people who do a lot of drugs, including pot.

Has anyone checked to see if Piper had an Ashley Madison account?

don’t understand why anybody gives Piper the time of day. He strikes me as clearly a deranged idiot.”

I think its the hand waving and patented otherworldly stare, and the crackle of the voice and the wincing in the spirit or the bug-eyed revelatory wow. I think some may see him as an evangelical version of Gandalf or Dumbledor. But dont be fooled he is no idiot, this is his stage and he plays the role well.

I think I have heard similar absurdity before, likely in a locker room somewhere, one of the more depraved places in existence. Basically this is the type of silly thing non-adults say about the other sex and is not treated seriously, apparently excepting Piper et al. For a supposed adult to put theological trappings around such goofiness raises the absurdity to a very high level. Anyone who then treats Piper’s dispatches seriously raises absurdity to toxic levels.

I don’t know if he is clinically deranged, but his theological musings certainly are deranged. I do not think he is an idiot, but he certainly uses idiotic ways of communication. I also think his doggerel is worse than mine.

Put John Piper in a situation where he is in desperate need of help then see if he is worried about ‘God’s created order’.

Imagine the 911 call (000 here) – ‘I need urgent help but don’t bother sending a women because that will ‘controvert God’s created order’ and I would rather sacrifice myself then allow that to happen’.
John Piper is nothing more than a ‘noisy gong’.

Above and beyond Piper’s wacko ideas, I keep wondering how he ever became such an influence, as I’m told he is. I mean, I’ve read some of his stuff, seen him on youtube, and he comes across as a total fruit.

If he were in a fire, she would not be able to rescue him, because it would involve stuff like direct contact, possibly her using her muscles to pick him up and carry him out.
Piper would probably rather perish in the fire than be saved by a woman, because being saved by a woman fire fighter would, in his view, compromise his masculinity.
(Plus, Piper would get “girl cooties” in the process, and he can’t have none of that.)

The guy has got some very WEIRD behavior, talks (and Twitters) like Merlin just unloaded the Curse of Babel on him, and generally acts like a Class A Fool with an ego that sees himself as Perfect Without Blemish. (There’s an infamous fanboy in local fandom like that, a Legend in His Own Mind to himself, a laughingstock to everyone else.)

i observe Peeper as someone who waits until things are quiet and then does something to cause everyone to look over at him, something to deliberately draw attention to himself, something that looks superspiritual. To highlight his ‘spiritual eliteness’, far & above all others in his midst. all very calculated. he must be very needy

i get the feeling there’s some kind of pleasure in this for him. like he’s appointed himself in charge of gospel torture devices. to be administered to the enemy. this is exactly how it seems to me.

Piper’s theology is driven by control and fear. That is not Kingdom theology and sounds more like it is influenced by the enemy.

Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. … Piper is from Uranus.

And so it goes at Wartburg Watch where the loathing and disdain of conservative evangelical males goes unabated.


  1. There are all sorts of liberals who are behiolden more to the culture than the Bible out there, from those who exalt feminist doctrines in defiance of the Scriptures to those who are more in love with the "doctrines of grace" than they are with Jesus, those who love to exalt themselves over others and lord it over them, like your average neocalvinist who claims that their life is "all about grace".

  2. Mike W., you are, indeed, a true Wartburg commenter. Personal attacks on people you don't know.