Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Wartburg is written by 2 ladies ( apparently children and now adults of some affluence) who believe the Evangelical leaders of the day are in need of correction.  The ladies' perspective is progressive, moderate Christian, strongly influenced by the secular, academic culture of upper crust America today and informed by the latest of psychological and sociological thoughts..  They think the Bible is fine - within modern limits of progressive understanding

They do not believe, as Paul and Peter wrote, that the church is to be led by Godly men and the spiritual head of the family should be the father.   They have adopted the popular cultural view of the day, strongly influenced by the feminist perspective.  That is the template through which they view the Evangelical Church in America.

They have attracted readers who also have the same moderate/liberal or "none" perspective on Christianity.   "Nones" ( those who don't attend church any more) or individuals from mainline denominations who ordain women are all in their good graces.  People who think the Bible speaks contrary to the modern culture are not in their good graces.  They appear to view Scripture thru the lens of our modern culture.  They do not appear to view the culture thru the lens of Scripture.


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  2. I agree. They no longer have a mission as much as they have now have an agenda. If you don't fit their agenda, then you are banned from posting. They make a big deal about how tolerant they are of opposing views but the site is rife with groupthink because they carefully control the narrative from commentors.