Friday, May 12, 2017

Wartburgwatch hates Church Discipline - only when not done their way, of course

MARK DEVER continues to be attacked by Wartburgwatch.  They truly despise him.

They have no problem allowing comments to appear such as this by "Velour."

"I wonder how Mark Dever at Capitol Hill Baptist Church/9Marks would score on a psychological test? He seems to have the hallmarks of a Narcissistic Personality Disorder that besets a large number of clergy."

As far as I know, Velour is neither a psychiatrist or psychologist but like most commenters, she is quick to the psycho-analysis of anybody who holds to Evangelical orthodoxy, such as the importance of protecting the flock through the appropriate use of church discipline.

She has given her own psychological diagnosis of Dr. Dever, whom she does not know, has never met.    Frankly, it's libelous but TWW doesn't care.

The comment will NOT be removed by either Dee, Deb or their husbands.

Here's a post IX Marks actually sent out to Facebook May 2017

When should you leave a church?

All of us will, at times, be called to endure humbly a leader’s mistakes and sins. But if you find yourself in a church where the leadership is characteristically abusive, you should flee. Flee to protect your discipleship, to protect your family, to set a good example for the members left behind, and to serve non-Christian neighbors by not lending credibility to the church’s ministry.
How do you recognize abusive leadership? Paul requires two witnesses for a charge to be leveled against an elder (1 Tim. 5:19), probably because he knows that leaders will be charged with infelicities more often than others, often unfairly.
That said, abusive churches and Christian leaders characteristically:
– Make dogmatic prescriptions in places where Scripture is silent.
– Rely on intelligence, humor, charm, guilt, emotions, or threats rather than on God’s Word and prayer (see Acts 6:4).
– Play favorites.
– Punish those who disagree.
– Employ extreme forms of communication (tempers, silent treatment).
– Recommend courses of action which always, somehow, improves the leader’s own situation, even at the expense of others.
– Seldom do good deeds in secret.
– Seldom encourage.
– Seldom give the benefit of the doubt.
– Emphasize outward conformity, rather than repentance of heart.

– Preach, counsel, disciple, and oversee the church with lips that fail to ground everything in what Christ has done in the gospel and to give glory to God.
Gives a whole different perspective doesn't it.

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