Thursday, May 18, 2017

How to spot a Non Calvinist pastor

1)  They're more about tolerance and feelings then they are about Scripture.
2)  However, their "tolerance" doesn't extend to Calvinists

[ more to come - feel free to check back as the list grows and don't forget "I love you guys." ]

KUDOS to "Preacher's Wife" who in a non bitter, non angry way makes some nice points.

"Hmmm, these documents make it seem as though being Calvinist is the ultimate evil. I think the problem is more authoritarianism often coupled with youth. Most of the red flags have more to do with character than theology. Also, their descriptions of “Traditional” versus “Extreme Calvinism” ignore the more moderate Calvinism that was taught in my reformed Baptist church growing up. Or even just a middle of the road approach that my husband and I have, There is a definite tension in the Bible between free will and not, but that second document paints everything so black and white.
We would never sign such a specific statement of belief either, unless the rest of the church had to sign one as well. I don’t pretend to have theology all figured out, but I also don’t believe anyone else does. That document would also tempt me to be more secretive about my beliefs, since any sort change or questioning could lead to us lose our job and our home. Maybe it’s because I’m on the opposite side of the clergy/laity divide, but I could see this document being used aggressively and abusively towards the preacher. But, in our denomination the preacher often has the least amount of power compared to the elders – the preacher is just the employee while the elders are the board of directors.
I believe there’s abuse and authoritarianism within churches. And I don’t agree with reformed theology or even what the evangelical world is doing generally. I’m just not convinced that the problem is strictly with Calvinism, as these documents seem to apply."

 Her comment is not representative of much of the anger and bile spewed out on TWW's blog.

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