Sunday, October 30, 2016


You might think, rightly so, that Wartburg Watch staunchly rejects all things that might reek of the Fighting Fundies.  But you would be wrong.

T.W.W. is actually an advocate of the most divisive issue of the "Fighting Fundies", SECONDARY SEPARATION.

For those of you not familiar with the "Fighting Fundies" secondary separation has been one of the more defining issues of the cause.

Ernest Pickering
A secondary separatist would be one who will not cooperate with (1) apostates; or (2) evangelical believers who aid and abet the apostates by their continued organizational or cooperative alignment with them; or, as employed by some (3) fundamentalists who fellowship with those in the previous category. (217)
Ernest Pickering says you must separate from your brethren if they do not sufficiently separate from those who will even cooperate with [ liberal or others who disagree with fundamentalism as he sees it ] Christians.

That brings us back to T.W.W.

"Given the fact that Carolyn McCulley was heavily influenced by Mahaney and other pastors in SGM, we are greatly concerned ......"

SIMPLE TRANSLATION:  You must separate from Carolyn McCulley because she was, at one time, a member of a Sovereign Grace church and thereby poisoned by the most evil man in Christendom [ editorial interpretation], C.J. Mahaney.

T.W.W. doesn't attack her theology - they are not good on the doctrine/theological spectrum - but they attack her because she was, at one time, a member of a Sovereign Grace Church where unspeakable things took place [ editorial interpretation ].

She is/was apparently speaking at a conference for women sponsored by the baptists.

So T.W.W., like fundamentalism through the last century, has demanded that she be rejected on the basis of SECONDARY SEPARATION.

Fundamentalism at its finest.

UPDATE:  One of the comments made by "Velour,"

Carolyn McCulley isn’t just sick but sickening.

I would be afraid to share a pew with some of the commenters at Wartburg Watch.

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