Tuesday, October 25, 2016


"Understanding that all pastors are a sinner is vital to understanding the Gospel."

The Queens of Wartburg are, of course, correct.  Sin has stained us all.

I'd say:

"Understanding that all Discernment Bloggers are sinners is vital to understanding Internet Shaming."

Now I don't know a thing about Pete Wilson other than he suddenly resigned, indicated he was burned out and not sure of what he believed.  If there are marital issues involved, he wouldn't be the first pastor [ nor the last ] to carry that stain.  May he and his wife work their marriage out for the Glory of God.  Is he a sinner?  Of course, we're all stained.

But I saw this sentence one day and thought it was appropriate.

 In John 8 Jesus seems to indicate that the prerequisite for judgement is perfection, and I’m nowhere near that standard.

It is Godly wisdom to be careful of judging others - 


UPDATE:   "Lisa" has attempted to defend the church.  Not suprisingly, the commentors, including, Dee and Deb, have jumped all over her.  Sadly, it was brutal to read.  If you were expecting compassion, you'd be disappointed.

The commentors just mimiced the blog authors;  they put Lisa in their scribal gunsights and let fly.  Lisa will never have to seek out psycho-analysis, the commentors were all to eager to analyze her for free.  The analysis wasn't kind.

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