Thursday, July 28, 2016


Anonymous poster - "The comments section at Wartburg, it seems to me, are going in a downward spiral to the point where they are positively sick. Ignorant and viscious. And endlessly repetitive! on WARTBURG CHANNELS SAUL ALINKSI IN THEIR ATTACK ON MARY KASSIAN"

I probably wouldn't go with "sick, ignorant and viscious" but "endlessly repetitive," yeah, that is so true.   I do think the comments reflect the heart of the people who write them and there appears to be tremendous amounts of bitterness and anger from the hosts and many [ but not all ] of the  commenters at Wartburg Watch.

Actually, I remain somewhat puzzled that Wade Burleson continues to lend his name and reputation to Wartburg.  He is, by his own account, a Calvinist unlike Page Patterson who is absolutely not a "neocal" but is despised never-the-less by the Wartburg crew.  Also, Wade's messages are fairly positive and up-lifting, not angry and bitter like so many of the comments seen on Wartburg as many continue to spew their venom at people like John Piper and Al Mohler - men who's primary failing appears to be their support of Scripture as it is written, not as feminists wish it was written.  So, why does Wade remain?

Finally; Scripture paraphrase in this age; "By their comments ye shall know them."

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