Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The type of leadership the women at Wartburgwatch despise.

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The leadership I highly suspect Wartburg Watch would prefer.


  1. BTW, While Jefferts-Schori was the ruling Bish of the Episcopal Church, she apparently spent $21 million dollars, not on social programs, but on lawyers to make sure those churches who disagreed with the T.E.C.'s increasing liberalism would NOT be able to keep their church [ which they bought and paid for ] if they went with the orthdox, conservative Anglicans.

  2. Interesting title. When was the last time WW ever dissected anything positive? When was the comments box not dominated by moaners and whiners? Or endless repetition of the same complaint.

    The sad thing is that what could be a useful source of information about ecclesiastical malfeasance is rendered useless by the nature of the comments. In addition, Parsons is incapable of receiving constructive criticism - this has become obvious more than once. Isn't it hypocritical to call out pastors and elders yet be unwilling to be subject to well-meaning criticism yourself?

    You could do worse than put the spotlight on WW from time to time. Just to reproduce the comments alone would be enough to warn unsuspecting evangelicals away from wasting time there, as you have already done earlier on.