Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Church Discipline vs Wartburgwatch blog discipline

Having been "disciplined" [ shunned and told never to return ] by the high priestesses of Wartburg Watch, I do find it amusing as they rail against church discipline.

Dee and Deb have thrown more than a few dissenters off their blog; they fairly ruthlessly practice blog discipline.
.  They have a narrative;  [ conservative Evangelical Males who follow the plain teaching of Scripture are THE problem in the church].
 If you point out some of the fallacies of their narrative, they will get rid of you sooner or later.  In my case, they made up the rules as they went along.  They are the High Priestesses accountable to no one but themselves.and they do EXACTLY what they accuse the pastors/elders of.  It's rather amazing to watch.
 One of the funny things of their most recent screed against Jonathan Leeman [ and by association Mark Dever - who they truly despise ].is their suggestion that discipline committees need women on them; the suggestion being that discipline would be more measured; even fairer if it wasn't left to the male elders.
  Dee and Deb need a mirror.

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  1. You are so right. It is OK for them to rail against evangelical churches but they are content to censor those who don't agree with them on their own blog. Such hypocrisy. Any other respectable media outlet needs to seriously consider this before they think these women have any credibility.